About us

Formed in 2008, The Badbackband comprises three talented Gloucestershire musicians brought together by a common appreciation for/ need to express themselves through the medium of classic pop/rock music from the past five decades.

Nick Burr and Pete Antonius first collaborated musically in the early 80s, cutting their teeth in a local Metal band,Tyrant, influenced by the classic rock of Queen, AC/DC, Maiden, Zeppelin & Rush. The pair went their separate ways, both playing in notable local bands, chasing the elusive contract. Nick had a brief successful professional few years touring and recording with Lionsheart & Paul Di’Anno of Iron Maiden, whilst Pete followed a more commercial furrow.

Fast forward to 2007, Pete gave Nick a call suggesting a jam with Pete Verry, a drummer with whom he had been working and rated highly. The two Petes had been forming a covers band and had formed a great rapport as a rhythm section.
The jam -including a stab at Rush’s Tom Sawyer- showed that they had a lot in common musically, not least the fact that they needed to play and were capable of a wide range of styles.

Come to a Badbackband show and you are likely to hear tunes ranging from Queen, Stones , Beatles & U2 through to Muse, Mumford & Sons, taking in Jason Mraz, The Cure, Oasis, The Eagles, B52s & Maroon 5 along the way. It’s a bit like eating a musical bag of Revels!

The Badbackband has been gigging regularly since 2008, gaining popularity in local pubs & clubs and have have found themselves to be a massively popular booking for weddings & private/ corporate functions.

A listen to the included tracks here give a taste of the way in which the guys are not afraid to put their own stamp on the classics.

For bookings/ info;



Nick- 07879 056516


DigitalSessionDrummer (938x654)

Pete- 07740 179910



Pete- 07768 797850